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Tenant Eviction Notice

According to the rental laws in India, you may evict your tenant for non-payment of rent for 15 days from due date, subletting or unlawful use of rented property, action leading to loss of property value, for your personal use or repairs, etc.

In any of these circumstances, if you intend to send a notice to your tenant for eviction from your property then you must hire the top property lawyers in your locality to help you in drafting a notice that is sound and good in law.

What You will Get In The Package

Whats Included

- 20 minutes introduction call with the advocate to get acquainted with him/her and to discuss the specifics of your case

- Legal notice drafting to be sent to you for approval

- Final legal notice drafting incorporating suggestions given by you (if any)

- Dispatch of the final legal notice through registered post

- The tracking number of the registered post shall be shared with you

Whats Excluded

- Subsequent case after the legal notice has been sent is not included

- You may hire the lawyer for any subsequent cases

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Documents required for sending Tenant Eviction Notice

  • 1. Title Deed of the property
  • 2.Landlord-Tenant Rent Agreement
  • 3. A copy of the legal notice to be sent to the drawer of the cheque asking for the money to be paid
  • 4. Affidavit stating the preliminary evidence

Procedure of sending Tenant Eviction Notice

  • 1. You must hire the top property lawyers in your locality to help you draft a legal notice that is good in law.
  • 2. Verification of documents and drafting of notice accordingly.
  • 3. Draft notice will be sent to you for approval.
  • 4. Final eviction notice will be sent to the tenant by registered post.

Proceedings after Possession

Rent Agreement Clauses

Send Legal Notice

Illegal Property Possession

Reply to Legal Notice