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Consumer Complaint Notice

A consumer may file a complaint against the provider of a product or service when there happens to be a defect or deficiency or when the provider has charged a price above the MRP or if it affects the consumer’s safety or health or if the provider has indulged in any unfair trade practice. However, before a consumer complaint is filed, a legal notice is served to the provider and a reasonable time is provided to them to rectify the deficiency

The consumer sending the notice must also keep evidence of the notice sent to be presented before the Court in case a complaint is filed. It happens many times that the issue gets resolved after a notice is served on the product or service provider and hence, it becomes necessary that you send a well-drafted and legally sound notice. You must hire the top Consumer Protection lawyers to help you for this purpose.

What You will Get In The Package

Whats Included

- 30 minutes consultation and advice from experienced top lawyers

- Legal notice drafting to be sent to you for approval

- Final legal notice drafting incorporating suggestions given by you (if any)

- Dispatch of the final legal notice through registered post

- The tracking number of the registered post shall be shared with you

Whats Excluded

- Subsequent case after the legal notice has been sent is not included

- You may hire the lawyer for any subsequent cases

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Documents required for Sending Consumer Complaint Notice

  • 1. Name and address of the product or service provider
  • 2. Details of the faulty product or service or of the subject-matter of the grievance
  • 3. Copy of any correspondence made with the provider to remedy the deficiency
  • 4. Any other documents that support your claim

Procedure for Sending Consumer Complaint Notice

  • 1. You must hire the top Consumer Protection lawyers in your locality to help you draft a legal notice for the recovery of your money.
  • 2. The draft notice shall be drafted and sent to you for approval.
  • 3. The final notice shall be drafted incorporating your suggestions(if any).
  • 4. The final notice shall be sent to the opposite party

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