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Company HR Documents

When you are starting a Startup, it is essential that you have all your documentation and legal requirements set up and in order. You must clearly lay down your company HR policies in a formal document which elaborates upon the values and expectations that your company has from your employees, compliance with existing labour laws, best practices for your company, etc.

You must clearly lay down the policies, i.e., the rules and principles by which your organization functions, and the procedures that lay down how these policies must be implemented by your employees. You must hire the top Startup lawyers in your locality to help you draft an HR document that is good in law.

What You will Get In The Package

Whats Included

- 20 minutes call to get acquainted with your lawyer and to understand the work that is to be undertaken together.

- Insight into your specific requirements and needs

- Drafting of HR documents to be sent to you for approval

- Drafting of final HR documents incorporating your suggestions (if any)

Whats Excluded

- The lawyer shall not undertake any work in addition to the drafting of the HR documents

- You may hire the lawyer for any additional Startup related work that you may have

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Documents required for Drafting Company HR Documents

  • 1.Documents related to conditions of employment and termination
  • 2. Documents stating the non-discrimination and sexual harassment policies
  • 3. Documents laying down policy on leaves, break times, etc.
  • 4. Documents stating standards of conduct, punctuality, etc., of the employees

  • Procedure for Drafting Company HR Documents

  • 1. You must hire the top Startup lawyers in your locality to help you draft an HR document tailored to meet your specific needs and circumstances
  • 2. The HR document letter shall be drafted and sent to you for approval.
  • 3. The HR document letter shall be drafted incorporating your suggestions(if any).

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