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Trademark Opposition

Trademark is the symbol that represents the identity of an organisation. One files an opposition when a trademark that is registered in the journal has similarities. Trademark is protected, so that others do not misuse the trademark. One can try to take benefits of the work without information.

The Trademark opposition is challenging legally for your trademark. It is the process of instituting a notice of opposition with Trademark Trial and Appeal Board by paying a fee. The notice for the opposition should be filed within three months after application of the Opposition.

The Trademark opposition Application should contain more than one ground for challenging a Trademark. The Trademark is often challenged by an owner when it has the prior rights on the similar trademark. There are some other reasons why trademark is opposed by the owner and they are like when the trademark is misdescriptive, generic, functional, or likely to dilute the distinctive quality of the owner’s famous trademark.

The Authorised Board will institute the opposition and will notify both the parties of the opposition. The schedule will have the dates and deadlines by which actions will be taken and the schedule can be amended with the mutual agreement of both the companies.