Trademark Logo

A trademark is what a company possess as its recognition to represent the business. A Trademark can be a sign, symbol, or a word which bring a uniqueness to the brand. Illegal use of the trademark by other organisation can lead to legal issues. So having a trademark is very important for the protection of the company reputation.

Why should you use Logo?

A logo is a trademark that is used by most of the companies and is placed on each and every product. The logo should describe the product and services that is traded. The logo can be designed with words, number. It is on the company owner on how they want to design the logo so sometimes it can be without any specific design but solely letter or words.

Qualities of a Perfect Logo

  • The logo should be simple, elegant, and precise and should be easy to memorise. It should keep an everlasting effect.
  • A good logo design should be creatively made with the elements like right colour Combination, sketch lines, words, texts or extraordinary design.
  • A logo should not hurt the sentiments of others and should not have characters that are protected by the law. It should not resemble with any registered Trademark.
  • Logo should not have of any of the promotional or adultery word.

Qualities of a Perfect Logo

  • Owners details like name, address and nationality; if the applicant is a company then state of incorporation
  • Name of the Goods or services
  • Logo copy
  • Date of first use of the trademark in India, if used by you prior to applying
  • Power of attorney to be signed by the applicant in Rs. 100 stamp paper
  • Any non-English words in the Logo should contain translation of those words into English is required

Logo Registration Process

  • For registering a trademark, one has to search for the availability of it.
  • The search for the online and offline will be done by the Trademark Attorney
  • If it is confirmed unique, the trademark registration application can be filed.
  • Trademark application filing

Trademark application filing can be done online and offline

  • One have to Register on the Trademark Office Portal
  • After the registration, login using the user ID or digital signature
  • Fill in the application form and save details to generate temporary application number
  • The application should be using digital signature
  • Make fee payment of the Application.
  • Permanent application number is generated two days after receipt of payment
  • Examination.
  • Post filing application, the examination takes place
  • It takes about 12-18 months for the Examination
  • The examination may be passed absolutely, conditionally or objected.
    1. If accepted absolutely, the trademark gets published in the Trademark Journal.
    2. If not accepted, the objections mentioned in the examination report must be fulfilled in a months’ time for the trademark to be published in the Trademark Journal.
  • Publication

This step is included to publicly declare the ownership of trademark and allow any objections within 3-4 months of publication.

  • In case there is no opposition, the trademark proceeds for registration
  • In case of opposition, there is a fair hearing and the Registrar takes decision.
  • Registration Certificate

After the application proceeds for trademark registration after publication in Trademark Journal, a trademark registration certificate is issued.