Trademark Investigation

Trademark Investigation is an umbrella term for the three terms as in-use investigation, Trademark Infringement or counterfeit Investigation. We do the investigation on your behalf to find out the infringement of your company name, trademarks and gather all the proofs which makes easier to take appropriate action.

Kanoonvala provides investigation to protect your brand from getting misused and also provides the services for the legal advices which include:

Counterfeit & Piracy Investigations:

  • Detection of Infringement
  • Identification of Threats
  • Undercover Penetration of Infringing Organizations
  • Surveillance of Infringing Individuals
  • Service of Cease-And-Desist Letters
  • Acquiring Voluntary Surrender of Counterfeit Materials

Copyright & Patent Investigations:

  • Unauthorized Use of Copyright
  • Patent Misuse & Infringement
  • Industrial Design Misuse
  • Integrated Circuit Topography Design Misuse
  • Identification of Threats

Trademark Investigations:

  • Detection of Infringement
  • Identification of Threats
  • Date of First Use Determination
  • Extent of Usage Determination

Market Surveys & Monitoring:

  • Targeted Automated & Manual Searches of Online and Print Sales Portals
  • Ongoing & Persistent Monitoring
  • Compilation & Analysis of Aggregate Data