Trademark Classes

The Trademark law comprises of 45 classes which is has the composition of the service and goods. One should know about the classes in which the goods and services usually fall into. The International Nice has classified these services into.

Why Trademark Classes is important?

The Trademark class specification is to list the services that come under the different group or classes in the different list.

If in case a someone wants to start a company of electronic goods item than it is important to know that the company should be registered under the Trade mark Class 9 which is a class of electronic goods item.

Goods and Services

The goods and services are differentiated into separate classification as goods and services.

Goods define the products as services are activities which are given to someone. The examples of goods are laptops, clothes and others and the examples for the services are th4e services like the Advertising, Insurance etc. Among the 45 classes of goods and services, there are 34 classes of goods and 11 classes of services.

There might be times when your trademark falls under more than one type of goods, and then you can file the application under more than one class.

Multi-class trademark application.

Multiple-class application is an application for trademark registration in which the applicant seeks registration for more than one class.