Sole Proprietorship Registration

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GST Registration

Sole Proprietorship

A business when is owned by a single owner is said to be sole Proprietorship. The business is owned, manages and also controlled a single owner. The owner will be responsible for any losses or debts for the business. This is one of the most preferred forms of business for small scale business. This business structures are simple and takes a very less cost. The large scale or the medium scaled business do not usually o for the sole proprietorship as it can face a lot of disadvantages like unlimited liability, non-transferable. The limited life of business that is it does not have a long term goal in the market.

Tax re registrations are the only way by which sole proprietorship can be recognised which includes GST registration in the name of the Proprietor. As the Government of India has not prescribes an authorised way to recognise the sole proprietorship, GST and Tax filling is the only way to get its recognition as a single person Business operator. Kanoonwala does the legal consultancy for the people who want to be the king of his own business with their incomparable assistance of the specialised team.