Patent Search

Patent is like getting an authority or being a sole owner of the product. This license is provided by the Government over a product for a certain span of time. When a product bearer gets the patent right, it is him who gets the sole ownership and he can exclude anyone from making, using, selling the product.

Criteria to be met to get patent right on an object:

The invention has to be unfamiliar and cannot be something on which no one has previously worked before. The worked should never have promoted publicly.

There should be space for innovation which works for the advancement of the knowledge.

However idea should not be virtually proposed but it should also be applicable practically in the industrial sector

Advantages of Patent Search

The Patent Search gives the right information on the infringement of any product or services.

It helps to decide the newness of the product which is ought to patent.

The search process of the patent can calculate the scope of the patent protection.

However it does not only gives the information on the active patents, it also gives the history bout the inactive or the expired patents.

However it does not only gives the information on the active patents, it also gives the history bout the inactive or the expired patents.

Procedure of Patent Search

search for the Patentability

This would help you to search if the product you are launching meets the novelty criteria. Searching for the patentability, it is required to have all the features of claims are explained in one single document. This will help you to know either the product invention is totally new or it is just a new build step to an old process. It also shows the advantages and the drawbacks of the product invention.

Prior Art or State of Art search

This would help you to know and compare the technology used and the purpose. This search is done on the database which is relevant and goes parallel with the technology. The search would help them to find the research related development areas, its problems and possible situations that might arise to these problems.

Freedom to Operate (FTO) search

This search usually helps to know that the company to be launched is not breaking any rules like violating intellectual property rights foe the company benefit. This search is also known as Right to use search.

Validity/Invalidity search

The validity or invalidity searches are two identical searches except that the results vary. These searches are carried out after the grant of the patent in order to determine the novelty of the patented invention at the time of patent application filing.

Patent Landscape

This gives an overview of the invention with regards to its technology, its field of work, competitors, latest trends and research and development in the industry.