Patent Registration

When it comes to work in the creative fields such as art works it should be protected by law. These kind of property will be termed as the intellectual property and to protect the intellectual property patents,coprrights ,trademarks are mostly used.

Patent right is a license that is offered by the Government which gives the sole right to the authorized person for a period of time. The only right of making, using, selling or importing of the products is with the authorized person.

Criteria to be met to get patent right on an object:

The invention has to be unfamiliar and cannot be something on which no one has previously worked before. The worked should never have promoted publicly.

There should be space for innovation which works for the advancement of the knowledge.

However idea should not be virtually proposed but it should also be applicable practically in the industrial sector

Types of patents

  • Utility patents: This patent right is granted to the person who invents or discovers the products like machine, article of maufacfacture, composition of matter or any other utility products.
  • Design patents: This right is granted who invents innovative deigns which is new for an article of manufacture.
  • Plant patents: The one who invents or asexually reproduces and y new variety of plants are granted this right.

Reasons for obtaining Patent Registration

  • Obtaining patent right gives the full authority on the product.
  • Patented product reduces taxes to be paid to the Government.
  • The assets and associated rights after patenting a product makes the product an intangible asset.
  • The patent rights keeps the inventor ahead of its competitor.

Patent Registration Procedure

  • As the Patent search is a very important initiative, one need to check if the patent meets the criteria of patentability.
  • After searching, an application form is to be filed. If you have proper knowledge you can file it by your own or hire a professional for it.
  • Area and nature of the invention
  • Invention description
  • Working of the invention
  • Advantages
  • Drawings, plans, diagrams, sketches, etc. of the invention
  • The application is published after 18 months of first filing after the filing of the patent. You can also forward a request paying the prescribed fees, for the hastening the publication of the application.
  • There will be an examination of the application after is being filed which checks if the criteria of the patent is matched.
  • The examiner creates a report called patent prosecution and submits to the controller. The controller checks the reports and if there are any changes to be made the controller extends the time to correct the objections.
  • The patent is granted the to the authorized person after the objection is resolved