Patent Provisional Registration

Patent is like getting an authority or being a sole owner of the product. This license is provided by the Government over a product for a certain span of time. When a product bearer gets the patent right, it is him who gets the sole ownership and he can exclude anyone from making, using, selling the product.

Types of Patent applications

  • Provisional application
  • Complete application
  • Convention application
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) – International application
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty – National Phase application

When a patent is applied in the initial stages of an invention to secure the date of filing is known as the provisional patent. The specification and the conditions are comparatively less than the regular patent application. This is the preliminary step of the patent registration.The period of time for a provisional patent is 12 months. Within the year one should file the complete patent application.

Advantages and Benefits of Provisional Application:

  • Low cost of fees
  • Establishing an early date of filing before the complete application is filed
  • Extension of patent term by one year
  • Confidentiality of the application is maintained before it is published
  • Evaluation of commercial benefit of the patent
  • Requirements for filing a provisional patent application

Provisional patent application filing Procedure

  • The provisional patent application is to be filed and submit it to the Patent Office.
  • Most of the times if the application is cancelled if it is not filed with the required specification within 12 months.
  • Once the application number is informed to the applicant, it can use labels “Patent Pending Notice” or “Patent Applied For” to the invention to deter any potential theft.