Design Registration

A project always contains a design which depicts or presents the frame of the project. It is a drawing of a plan either two dimensional or three dimensional which includes shapes, figures, pattern, and lines, of the products. This creative work of art of designs using symbols images and others are categorized under the intellectual property and are protected by law. These properties are protected by patents, copyright, and trademarks from infringement or theft. It is important to register the design to avoid the cases of infringement and own the legal right over the design for 10 years.

Items which does not fall under Design

  • Industrial plans, layouts, and installations
  • Flags and emblems or signs of any country cannot be registered
  • Mere alterations or change in the size and orientation or mechanical contrivance of a design
  • Design including buildings and structures
  • Labels, cartoons, cards, or tokens that can be made as part of an article
  • Books, jackets, calendars, certificates, forms, maps, greeting cards, pamphlets, stamps, medals, etc

Criteria for filing a Design Application

  • The design should be unique and it should never be used in any part of the world prior to the date of application.
  • The designs should have the attributes like shape, configuration, pattern which should be applicable to an article.
  • The design should fulfil the criteria of any article in the industrial process. Articles like the paintings and sculptures do not belong to this category.
  • The design should be distinct and should attract people for whom it is created.
  • Design should not have any content which is against the law or there is any obscene matter.
  • Photos are to be provided from all the angles of the design.