Sound Recording Copyright

Sound recording is the system where voice and music is recorded electronically using different mediums of sound effects. Copyright in a song is different from the copyright of sound recording. Having a copyright on sound recording is having the legal right on the work. In case of infringement of the project one have the legal right to take legal actions on the person who have illegally stolen the original piece of work. Only the original holder of the composition will be able to promote his work at other platforms and can earn money from the work. The music industry faces this every alternate day so the copyright act is really very important in the creative industries.

Important note:

Only after selling the rights of the music sheet to a company or a producer, or any other individual or company by the copyright holder, the new company will have compulsory license to make recordings of the composition. Basically, the main motive is to prevent the sheet owners from authorizing one company the full right over the music and reduce the chance of monopoly in the music industry.