Copyright Registration

Services for Copyright

  • Songs Copyright
  • Computer Software Copyright
  • Literature/Dramatic Copyright
  • Logo Copyright for Service
  • Artistic Work/ Painting Copyright
  • Copyright a Book
  • Music Notation Copyright
  • Slogan Copyright
  • Cinematography Copyright
  • Symbol Copyright for Goods

What is Copyright?

Copyright is the law to given to the people who create work with their creativity for publishing or selling them to the public. It is very important to register copyright as there are millions of people in the market who master in stealing others work and give them their name. It is the authors, writers, composers, artist, photographers who actually needs this service.

Why Copyright registration is necessary?

When you are creating or producing some work such as writing a script for a drama, or creating a concept for a film, recording of a song, writing a poem, collecting photograph after hard work, it takes all your blood and sweat just to bring out that the content which is unique and extraordinary. In such cases it is important to protect your work from being stolen or copied.

How to apply for the copyright:

  1. To register for the copyright, it should be applied on form XIV which should include statement of particulars and statement of Further Particulars. After the application of the copyright and submission of the copies in details, one had to wait for 30 days.
  2. The applicant or the advocate in whose favour a Vakalatnama or Power of Attorney has been executed should sign the application. The Power of Attorney signed by the party and accepted by the advocate should also be enclosed.
  3. The fee should be submitted either in the form of Demand Draft through Indian Postal Order favouring "Registrar of Copyright Payable at New Delhi" or through E payment.
  4. It takes 2-3 months’ time for registering copyright of any work in the normal course.