Copyright A Book

Copyright is the legal right that is provided to the creators in the different fields like the artists, authors etc. This is for the people who do not want their work to be used by others. With the copyright act one can claim or take legal action on the person who steals ones work. The copy right act gives the opportunity to save the original work from the infringement as the owner knows the value of the work and time invested in it.

Copyright Objection

Many a times the Registrar gets application of copyright at the time of copyright registration which includes objection for various reasons of similarities found in the application and existence of similar work. One can raise the copyright objection anytime within the filing of copyright application.

Why there is a need to file reply to copyright objection.

The registrar does a thorough examination on the applications and if in case objections arise, it informs the applicants for the clarification. It is legally obligated to file a reply to the copyright objection letter and if the registrar does not get any feedback, it might cancel the copyright application and the status will be updated as rejected in the journal.

Why there is a need to file reply to copyright objection.

The response to the legal letter necessitates the knowledge in legal terms and good drafting skills. Though there is no such drafting format but one need to have sufficient skills in drafting the response letter or one can hire a legal expert to help to draft the response letter.