Convert Private Limited Company to One Person Company

A private limited company is also known as the LTD Company. In a private LTD company the shares are limited with the number of the shareholders. The shareholders cannot trade the shares publicly here without the consent of the partners.

One Person Company is the business which is controlled and monitored by the a single person. One Person Company is a separate legal entity from its members. In a one person Company a member should be nominated im the Directorial Position so that he or she can play the role in the absence of the main director.

Benefits of One Person Company

One Person Company do not face much of compliances and they are not responsible to conduct borard meetings or general meetings.

They are more successful bringing investors than the Sole Proprietorship Company. It also attracts the candidates to help the growth of the company.

The best thing about the one person company is there is only one director and this the reasonwhy the chances become less of having any clash in the company.

One Person Company is easy to manage and handle as compared to the private Limited Company.

Transferring of the shares is more easier in One Person Company as it can be done simply filing the share transfer form and handling over to the buyer of the shares.