Computer Software Copyright

The Computer software also needs protection of the Copy Right Act. The software has got its technical attributes which is dealt by the Patent Act. To get the copyright on the computer software it should be the original work. The work should be published in India and not outside India. The creator of the software should be an Indian citizen or if he belongs to other countries, he should be a member of Berne Convention UCC.

Why is it important?

The copyright act gives the creator the author to reconstruct and replicate the work and also has the right to sell it to some person or a company. The owner gets the righto safeguard the economic rights possessed by him. The one who creates the software bears the first right on the object or the product.

The one who indulges of reproducing the software without prior rights and avail benefits, it is brought under Chapter XII of the act. The law takes st4rict actions on the person or the company and gives 3 years of Imprisonment and also a fine that is maximum 2 lakhs.