Company Name Availability

The Name of the company is the identification of a particularly. One should be very choosy when it comes to keeping a name of the company. At the long run one only remembers the name from which it gets its services from. This is the most important aspects to be followed while incorporating a company.

While keeping a name one should remember the fact that the name should have a global identification. It should be kept very short and simple which is easy to memorise. It should go with the current trend and also advertise its uniqueness from the name. The one who will bear the company should always think of something that is different from others.

The name which is thought of should not be something which is against the law of the government. It should be checked thoroughly for the availability to avoid contravention because it might be case of theft for the existing companies.

Company name availability can be checked and so there are to be some requirements that should be fulfilled so that the company name to be proposed does not go through any legal issues. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs database has all the information pertaining to registered Companies.


The name to be proposed should not match with existing Company names as it will lead to legal issues. So the name should be unique. If changes are made in the spelling, tense, spacing, addition or subtraction of the characters will not be considered.


The name to be proposed should not violate any company trademark registration

Constitutional entities

Names proposed for a Company must not include a separate type of constitution such as co-operative, trust, partnership, etc.

Financial exclusions

Company names with the financial terms like insurance, bank, mutual fund, asset management etc. will be needing approval from the institutions like the RBI, SBI etc.

Authorized capital

Proposed names may include certain words such as international, Baharat, Hindustan, globe, etc., depending whether the authorized capital is Rest. 5 lakhs or above