Change in LLP Agreements

LLP is the type of business, where the partners who are engaged in the business have limited liabilities. The partners are not responsible for the losses incurred by each other. That means one partner is not responsible for the other’s negligence. The business functionality is very simple and it is one of the most popular forms of partnership in any business.

In case there is a situation where one of the partners has to leave the other due to any circumstances, the business will not stop due to the demise of the partner. The partners of the LLP keeps on changing and this can never let the company to disintegrate. The amount of the capital a partner invests, its liabilities gets bounded to the limit of the investment done.

The LLP agreement is one of the main documents which are made between the partners of the company. The LLP agreement plays an important role because it consists of all the information about the partners, capital invested, profit shares, the number of board meetings, closure of the firm etc.

Changing LLP Agreement

Any change in the LLP agreement should be in the prior notice of the partners that are associated.

  • A resolution must be passed to state the same.
  • Next, a form must be filed within 30 days of the amendment attaching the certified copy of the minutes of the meeting where the decision of the amendment was taken.
  • The authorized personnel must duly sign the form.